Connecting Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones to Bluetooth on ArchLinux


Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless

I’ve been struggling with this one for 3 months and finally got the time to fix this mothafucka’.

gnome 3.24.1
gdm 3.24.2-1
linux 4.11.3-1

# bluetooth
bluez 5.45-1
bluez-libs 5.45-1
bluez-utils 5.45-1

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My first impression after installing Arch Linux

It seems frightening at first, but it’s not

Eventhough I’ve worked on UNIX/Linux for some time, I have to say I’m not so experienced. Every day you encounter strange issues that not even the UNIX Pro’s could solve them in one shot, and that’s the beauty of UNIX, although looking from up there it looks like a huge maze with no ending, it’s not really like that. There’s always a solution for any problem! Think of it like a challenging game of chess. Read more…

Nginx+PHP7 on Alpine Linux as base Docker image

It all started in a calm morning of 2nd June, with the smell of coffee and DevOps email newsletters…then suddenly when I was building my Docker image for Drupal 8 development I realized it was taking too damn long…

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Node.js app with Docker on Alpine base image

When Alpine Linux first appeared, I had to give it a go, so I downloaded the first Official Alpine linux docker image and tried it. Conclusion: it was complicated.

Complicated because by then I didn’t know the importance of Docker base image size. So, in order to fight with my greatest fear: the great Alpine Linux image, I decided a few days ago to create a Slack bot having Alpine Linux 3.3 as base image. You can check the progress on my GitHub repo

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Step-by-step guide for flashing TWRP on Samsung Galaxy GT-I9195I

The current guide is divided in 2 sections:

  1. Tools that need to be downloaded before starting
  2. Step-by-step guide


  1. Flashing custom recovery will trip your knox!
  2. You are installing this software at your own risk. You may be violating your warranty.


Modifying or replacing your device’s software may void your device’s warranty, lead to data loss, hair loss, financial loss, privacy loss, security breaches, or other damage, and therefore must be done entirely at your own risk. No one affiliated with the UbuntuLinuxx project is responsible for your actions. Good luck.

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ChatOps – a new concept

Until this day, I’ve heard of DevOps, got to know almost everything about it, got a little into its history with a colleague from work, and found out that the concept exists since the ’90s but the term wasn’t quite fixed yet. It was just a concept that not everyone knew exactly what is with it, so basically each person had its own view about this DevOps thingy…

But this post is not about DevOps, I mean it is, kind of… it’s more about ChatOps.

Just today I found a YouTube vid with Jesse Newland that speaks about this concept during his work at GitHub. Clearly, the discussion is focused on Hubot and how it shows Build information or Show notifications in Campfire regarding Deploymentautomate graphing, provisioning etc…

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Fix romanian fonts (diacritice/diacritics) on Office 2010 @ Xubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

1. About the issue

I’m guessing you’ve already configured the Keyboard Layout for Romanian.

After installing Microsoft Office 2010 with PlayOnLinux v4.2.7 I’ve had issues with displaying Romanian fonts from documents written on other Windows 7 PC’s.

I was getting squares instead of the proper Romanian letters, specifically the problem was with the letters U+021B, U+021A, U+0218, U+0219 (lowercase & upercase T & S “with comma below”) from the standard character encoding.

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