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Installed VLC Media Player on Ubuntu 11.04

Just follow the Tutorial to complete your installation:

Graphical way

Open Synaptic application
Click on System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.
In Settings -> Repositories, make sure you have an universe repository activated.

Search for vlc and install it, as well as vlc-plugin-pulse. You may also want to install mozilla-plugin-vlc.

If you are interested in streaming or transcoding, you should additionnally install libavcodec-extra-52 from a multiverse repository.

Command line way

You need to check that a universe mirror is listed in your /etc/apt/sources.list file.

% sudo apt-get update
% sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc


Ubuntu includes whichever VLC version was the latest at the time the Ubuntu release was frozen (typically about two months before the official Ubuntu upgrade). Afterward, you can still get security and critical bug fixes, but no further VLC version updates until the next Ubuntu release.

Concretely, Ubuntu Natty has VLC version 1.1.9, Ubuntu Maverick has VLC version 1.1.4. If you need a more recent version, please consider upgrading Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu style changes

To change style go to:

And use Cairo-Dock

Other sites are:

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Get Mac theme on Ubuntu

Wondering how you can get the pretty desktop you see in all my screenshots? Here is how I assemblede this fresh, blue theme.

  1. Install Compiz-Fusion
  2. Go to theme settings and set the theme to “Glossy”
  3. Download and install this icon theme
  4. Download this wallpaper
  5. Install Avant Window Navigator ( sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator )
  6. Delete the bottom panel. configure awn how you like, I added the trashbar applet, workspaces applet, and changed the colors to match the blue theme a bit.
  7. Download this image
  8. Right click on the top panel and select properties. Go to the background tab and select background image and select the image above.
  9. Profit!
Find how to do that here:

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‘Tis better to have loved, Alfred Tennyson |

‘Tis better to have loved, Alfred Tennyson |

Good words from a Wise man. I know I didn’t write so much in the past time, there’s not much to write. Everything is going perfect, at least this day it went perfect 🙂 I wish everyone good luck and take care.

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To uninstall a program under wine

How do I uninstall *all* Windows applications?

To remove all programs installed under Wine, remove the wineprefix (usually the ~/.wine directory) by carefully pasting the following commands into a terminal:

Read more…

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Day 11

This si the 11th day of Ubuntu and I’ve kept playing this game, Armagetron Advanced. It’s an awesome game, it used to step on my nerves a little, but now it’s a cool game, based on the movie Tron. Your in a ray car and you have to catch your opponents in a cube of rays. It’s  kind of a logic game.

As for the System, it works fine by now but I have to admit I didn’t even had time to install more things on it like I did when I had it the first time and it crashed..

No errors today and no installs.

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10th day


I started the PC this morning, navigated on the web, listened to some music blah blah and after my PC got some temperature up, the Flash player was starting to make me problems, I could’t play videos from youtube etc…

I don’t know why…could be from the temperature I think it affected something under the hood..

Of course the issue was solved after I rebooted the PC and mounted the USB Cooler, helped it drop some temperature.

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