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[Ro/En] Rezolvare la comanda xkill

Am reusit in cele din urma sa rezolv problema cu xkill. Este o comanda care trimite semnale catre aplicatia respectiva si aceasta face force quit. Pe limba tuturor e un fel de Alt+Ctrl+Delete si dati End process, asa este pe Windows.

Iata topicul cu pricina http://forum.ubuntu.ro/viewtopic.php?id=14551

Multumita echipei Ubuntu Romania, sunteti tari fratilor.


I finally solved the xkill problem. It’s a command which sends signals to the process and makes it force quit. It’s simply an Alt+Ctrl+Delete on Windows, when you click End process.

The topic is above, sorry it’s romanian.

Thanks for the Romanian Ubuntu team, you rock!

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