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Get Mac theme on Ubuntu

Wondering how you can get the pretty desktop you see in all my screenshots? Here is how I assemblede this fresh, blue theme.

  1. Install Compiz-Fusion
  2. Go to theme settings and set the theme to “Glossy”
  3. Download and install this icon theme
  4. Download this wallpaper
  5. Install Avant Window Navigator ( sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator )
  6. Delete the bottom panel. configure awn how you like, I added the trashbar applet, workspaces applet, and changed the colors to match the blue theme a bit.
  7. Download this image
  8. Right click on the top panel and select properties. Go to the background tab and select background image and select the image above.
  9. Profit!
Find how to do that here:


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