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Music to our ears

Here are some great beats I recommend everyone 🙂

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Running the New Ubuntu 11.10 !

I just installed this morning Ubuntu 11.10 and what can I say, I’m not very happy about this OS. I mean, it’s more user friendly than the other but it’s working so slow… it boots in 23-28 seconds and shuts down in 13 seconds.

The reaction time when I create a folder or when I delete it is very slow… when I open Software Center, it takes 20 seconds to load completely…

Shortly, Ubuntu 11.10 needs more work! It’s too slow…

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To use Romanian Keyboard (diacritice)

Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)

Write down:


Now simply go to Layouts, you will have it in USA (for example).

Click Add -> Romania -> Romania Standard (at variants).

Press SHIFT+CAPS LOCK (random) in a text box or word.

And voila!


Windows 7 useful stuff

After you download and install Microsoft Windows 7, you can install this set of Windows tools:

As for Windows 7 drivers and Driver Updates you can istall this program:

IMPORTANT! You need to have an account on , a romanian torrent tracker.

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