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Running the New Ubuntu 11.10 !

I just installed this morning Ubuntu 11.10 and what can I say, I’m not very happy about this OS. I mean, it’s more user friendly than the other but it’s working so slow… it boots in 23-28 seconds and shuts down in 13 seconds.

The reaction time when I create a folder or when I delete it is very slow… when I open Software Center, it takes 20 seconds to load completely…

Shortly, Ubuntu 11.10 needs more work! It’s too slow…

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  1. john jabber
    October 30, 2011 at 06:42

    It does not work as well as 11.04,,I also witnessed slowness and boot up problems,,mint 11 works far better,,Its based on 11.04 ubuntu,,I
    uninstalled 11.10,and installed mint 11 katya,,Seems to be doing fine,,I hope they get ubuntu corrected when they release # 12 in april 2012,,I may re-install it if i hear of some mirical upgrade that fixes everything,,but untill then I’ll continue to use easier and much more user friendly mint.

  2. November 8, 2011 at 15:34

    I really didn’t knew Mint Katya was far better than Ubuntu 11.04. Never tested it, but thanks for telling me, I’ll test it right away, if it’s faster than Ubuntu 11.04, I’ll stick with that..

    Ubuntu 11.10 is just more user friendly, that’s all. But for it’s speed I give him a 4, sadly..

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