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The fresh install of Linux Mint 15


I’ve just installed the “new” Linux Mint 15 codename Olivia, so I decided to write this post now so I could know the exact date of installation.

I know I haven’t been writing for ages (I’ve been kinda busy…) but what do you know, I’m back online, ready to post Tutorials and Updates about this new system.

Let’s get this party started! First subject that will be treated is: the Logon screen.

1. Login screen

The Logon (or Login) Screen has suffered major changes, now I can see it has a clouds background (personally, I don’t like this because it tends to look like Windows) plus you have to (SURPRISE!!) enter your Login NAME. But why this? He didn’t stored it already after installing the system? Come on dude…

So, a 7 out of 10 grade for the Logon Screen

2. Desktop and Updates

Next subject to be treated is the Desktop and the Newly Updates that have to be installed.

The Antique destop (this I like) looks like the old mint desktop, and I really love the fact that they kept the old one (bravo mint team!), but what I don’t like is the huuuuuuuge number of updates that need to be installed after you got the system on his feet. A disadvantage to the updates is that you have to wait ages to get those finished (tested on full signal wlan)… I mean, come on man…the system doesn’t need all sorts of foolish updates, just the critical ones that refer to it’s core or something…

All these being said, I will give a 9/10 grade for the Desktop and a 6/10 grade for the Updates installed right after the fresh installment of system. I will continue now to the basic steps to follow after you install a linux (disable the bluetooth, fix the Fn – light buttons – all these can be found in my blog).

See you later with further updates about this fresh and clean linux!

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