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Day 2 of L.M. 15 (codename Olivia)

2nd day of testing

It’s day 2 of Linux Mint 15, so far I didn’t receive any errors/crashes/bugs, the system works pretty good, it’s stable and very very fast! The Logon takes about 10 seconds max, which is good..

So far I’ve installed a few more programs, I would like to center myself towards Web development so I’ve downloaded one very good program (after documenting myself from Google).



  1. RecordMyDesktop – formed from: a) recordmydesktop; and b) gtk-recordmydesktop (graphical frontend)
  2. Transmission (used to download .torrents)
  3. Aptana Studio (web development tool) – this is the program I chosen for Web development, so far I’ve seen it’s the best..
  4. KeePassX (Crossplatform Password manager) – this is used to store IDs and Passwords, if you have multiple accounts (e.g. Facebook, Gmail, Ymail, Hootsuite etc…) sometimes it’s hard to remember the passwords and id’s, well, this program does your hardwork and keeps your brain safe from overcooking inside your skull, or overclocking …

I’ve changed the Download directory from Transmission with the biggest drive (D:// in Windows), so I would have more memory. Plus, I recommend changing the Max. instantaneous downloads IF your on Wireless to 2. Why so? Because the maximum download speed for torrents on a Wireless Notebook is 2 MB (2024 MB/s), focusing all this speed only on one or two downloads makes your job easier…trust me.

ANOTHER TIP: Regarding Browser Bookmarks and Saved passwords, I recommend you to use Google Chrome, because it stores everything you got on your Google account. Another advantage is that it’s very fast.

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  1. July 11, 2013 at 12:31

    Try Kazam instead of RecordMyDesktop. It is better than RecordMyDesktop. As for Aptana Studio, I have never tried it but after looking at its website, it does look promising.

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