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Switched OS – Goodbye Mint15, Hello Mint KDE 15!

I was a little bored of Linux Mint 15 (the simple one)…ok to be honest I was a bit “mad” (lol) cause the system didn’t crash for any reason, it was so stable that I was actually trying to install a few themes in order to make it crash.. BUT still the damn thing wouldn’t give me a dump error lol.

SO! I decided to switch the systems a little and moved to Linux Mint KDE 15!

Here’s a screenshot of my screen (with Ghost theme installed):

snapshot1This Ghost theme for KDE can be found at http://guidoctor.deviantart.com/art/Mint-ghost-357022738.

I didn’t manage to add that panel on the left of the screen (to be honest I didn’t like it..), on deviantart you’ll find the image of the theme and the names of files you will need to download for System Settings/Workspace appearance/ Windows decorations & Desktop theme, also you will modify icons in System settings/Application appearance/Icons.

I’m telling you this, because after I installed KDE, I ran into a tiny problem, I couldn’t find how to change the icons lol… Thanks for a tutorial on youtube for dummies I managed to find it eventually.

These being said! I will keep you updated with my last changes in this OS. I’ve mentioned before that I’m oriented on Web developing, so I don’t have new programs installed beside those mentioned in my last post.

Take care!

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