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Aptana studio – workplace


Me working with Aptana Studio, a very useful Web Developing software

It’s a new day for Web programming and a good one, the sun is up and the keyboard can’t wait to send commands!

Like I said before, Aptana is a very good tool for this and I’ve posted a picture for you guys to see it working. If this doesn’t suffice you, feel free to search for tutorials on YouTube, you’ll be surprised of how many features it has.

But I have one BIG question that I didn’t manage to find an answer… I’ve player with sublime text a little and I’ve saw a feature which (I think) Aptana doesn’t have it. How this feature works: you have a list of fruits (for example), and you select all of them, then you type ( ” ) and it automatically closes you the commas (not sure their named this way..).



– Then select all from bottom to top, and type ( ” ), next, the text will look like this:


This applies to tags as well, you select a list, and add a tag. Basically the text is included in the tags automatically, so you don’t have to jump all over to the end of the text with CTRL+Arrow (L or R), or End.

If you guys know if Aptana has this feature, give me some documentation.

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