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New tool for Web Development

I’ve recently discovered a new IDE tool that could be in handy for all web developers out there.

It has more advantages unlike Aptana Studio, it’s easy to use, easy to switch between Projects, it has some cool shortcuts and even themes that you can download from their website, I’ve “tuned” mine with Monokai Black from Sublime Text.

Enough talking, the IDE’s name is phpStorm and it came from jetBrains. It’s amazing what these guys could realise, just look for yourselves:

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

As you can see the Software requires a license, but that won’t be a problem for you guys, just find the cracked version on any torrent websites. I’ve managed to install mine on Linux Mint KDE 15, and to be honest it works perfect.

I’ve only encountered one problem while I was coding, I hit Enter to start a new line and entered a paragraph, and the moment I wanted to close the tag, it automatically gave me a huge spacing between letters, who the heck knows what’s got into him, probably because I turner Soft Wraps on. By the way, if you like to work with Soft Wraps and Line numbers in (like me), I can post a tutorial and show you how to enable them from settings forever.

And by the way, if your installing it on Linux, watch out for the Chrome exe, you need to go in Settings- Web browsers and modify that executable name from google-chrome to chromium-browser, that’s if you use chromium more than Mozilla or Opera.

But I would recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox and install the Web development tools + the ColorZilla picker. These tools help you with measurement and colors alot.

I wish you GOOD LUCK coding and we’ll chat later when I’ll discover more cooler programs.

See ya!

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