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Working with XAMPP on Mint ‘Olivia’

In the last 4 days I’ve been working with XAMPP (or LAMPP as they call it on Linux), an Apache web server with MySql, PHP and Perl.

Step 1

Tried to change the working path but wanted to safely keep the root intact also. Soooo, I decided to create a folder in /opt/lampp called htdocs (of course, I renamed the original one into htdocs_default), placed all my work files, mostly PHP’s, and I had a surprise.

NOTE that in order to do any changes within XAMPP folder, you MUST stop the server with the command sudo /opt/lampp/lampp stop .

Right after I got into my Browser (Chromium) I had a ‘nice’ surprise: the localhost was giving a “Restricted access error”…

Step 2

Re-installed XAMPP and tried the trick again, but this time I disabled the root access for the folder /opt/lampp… and now, another ‘surprise!’, the damn thing took me to the XAMPP Splash screen, where you select the language. No language links were working out there so I Reinstalled XAMPP again.

This time I gave myself permissions to modify a PHP file that I’ve created in htdocs after I did Step 1. XAMPP wouldn’t listen obviously, because when I tried to access that PHP file from localhost, it gave me a “Restricted access” error….


  • DO NOT alter the htdocs file within /opt/lampp – it will cause program failure
  • DO NOT change the root access within /opt/lampp – will cause program failure
  • DO NOT force move (sudo mv) the xampp folder from /opt/ , and then give yourself permissions to edit files – will cause program failure
  • THE ONLY WAY TO WORK OK is to create your PHP or Perl file wherever you have access and then move the file (with sudo mv) in the work area of htdocs.
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