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Installed Audacity on Ubuntu 13.04

Screenshot from 2013-09-25 09:59:23

After the installation of Ubuntu 13.04 (2 days ago), I finally decided to try out some softwares. I needed something to cut my favorite song in order to send it to my phone.

If you need an mp3 cutterAudacity is the perfect tool for this. It has Fade in, Fade out, Bass Trembler  and many other plug-ins installed that could be in handy.

If your wondering how to use it, it’s not actually that hard, don’t get intimidated by all those buttons. All you need to do is highlight the part of the song that you like, and then hit CTRL+ALT+I, or go to Edit -> Clip boundaries -> Split new. And then Save the clip, obviously….Simple, isn’t it?

Oh well, good luck mp3 cutting, I’ll see you all in a few 😉

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