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Leaving Mate for KDE

Today’s the day I remove Linux Mint 15 Mate from my PC to re-install the L. M. 15 KDE version.

I’ve got a few good reasons for that, firstly, L.M. 15 Mate isn’t that flexible on the theme side, you can only play with the colors a little, and after you do’it you realise it looks like crap.

Secondly, the interface was buggy sometimes, from 2 to 2 days I had a bug with my wallpaper, everytime I was switching screens with ALT+TAB, my wallpaper was like swiped from left to right. It looked like a scene from the Matrix.

Thirdly, the boot time was like 1 min. or so… it was taking too much to load a damn LM image screen for a Linux OS…

To point out the advantages of L.M. 15 KDE, I can say only that it has all the features I want. I can switch between themes fast and in a non-bugging way. I never encountered bugs while switching screens. You  can customize everything from your mouse cursor to your icon sets and window borders, it even has widgets… Needless to say, it’s much more stable than the Mink MATE…

So bye bye MATE, and helloooo KDE 😉

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