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Mint 15 KDE – one repo is dead

If you’re trying to access System Updates and it gives you errors like

Failed to fetch http:/packages.medibuntu.org/dists/precise/free/binary-i386/ Packages 404 Not Found

Or even if your trying to get a software or tool that you might need in the Software Manager and right after you type the sudo password, the ‘damn thing’ won’t even open…


The MEDIBUNTU project has ended. Seriously, it’s gone! That’s what Gauvain Pocentek announced on 11 Sept. 2013. I know it’s been a little late since the Medibuntu Logoannouncement, but the project closure didn’t cause any problems for the Mint KDE users until 2 days ago. If you want more information about that you can visit the launchpad.net announcement, or if you want more documentation (bugfixes, repo replacement) you can check the Mint Forums.

If you wanna be back with the up and running system and fully functional you have to run this command in the terminal to fix your problem:

sudo sed -i '/^deb http:\/\/packages.medibuntu.org*/d' /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*.list

Enjoy the Mint KDE and kill some brain cells to get more from it (don’t worry, their regenerating) and discover what it could do, you’ll be amazed! 🙂

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