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WordPress theme development

If you want to learn WP Theme Development, you need to start with the basics:

    • Step one in WP Theme Dev is learn template hierarchy

These cheatsheets will come in handy during your work

Template_Hierarchy template-hierarchy-retina-dark WP_CheatSheet_TemplateMapLearn them well, try to delete large chunks of code and see which one’s which in your localserver (use XAMPP, it’s easier and less-bugged interface).

  • Step two is learn the “wordpress grammar”

If you want to work well with wordpress and live the “code is poetry” statement, you’ve got to learn the basic syntax, common terms like

and their functionality. Try to poke them a little, get inside the functions (on your local server) and try for example to edit the search bar. Be curious, exercise, try this, try that… until you get the desired design.

  • Step three in WP Theme Dev. is “practice, practice, practice”

This is how the human brain works, it won’t get into your system until you work more with it. Be curious, try and modify a twenty-eleven theme into a design you’ve just downloaded from the net. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry, create another child instance of that theme.

That’s all for today, practice more and be curious! WordPress is a very good CMS if you learn how to harness its full power.

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