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Step-by-step guide for flashing TWRP on Samsung Galaxy GT-I9195I

The current guide is divided in 2 sections:

  1. Tools that need to be downloaded before starting
  2. Step-by-step guide


  1. Flashing custom recovery will trip your knox!
  2. You are installing this software at your own risk. You may be violating your warranty.


Modifying or replacing your device’s software may void your device’s warranty, lead to data loss, hair loss, financial loss, privacy loss, security breaches, or other damage, and therefore must be done entirely at your own risk. No one affiliated with the UbuntuLinuxx project is responsible for your actions. Good luck.

Before starting, it’s worth mentioning that you must be on any Windows OS (sorry Linux fans… my feelings are the same) in order to use the full capabilities of Odin3-v3.10.6. Please note that this is the safest and easiest way for flashing TWRP on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini GT-I9195I.

Credits go to TWRP and certain XDA-developers authors.

Download the tools before starting

  1. Odin v3.10.6
  2. TWRP

From GoogleDrive repository

Or you can look for them in XDA-Developers Forums

Step-by-step guide

  1. Turn off Phone by long pressing the Power button
  2. Boot into Recovery mode (Volume Up + Home + Power)
  3. Wipe /data – Factory reset
  4. Wipe /cache
  5. Reboot and quickly after hitting reboot, go into Download mode (Volume Down + Home + Power)
    1. if you’re moving too slow, remove battery after hitting reboot and the SAMSUNG logo appears
  6. Connect Phone to PC via USB Cable
  7. Open Odin (and don’t touch any settings!)
  8. Hit the AP button and locate your TWRP- from the TWRP- directory
  9. After messages are displayed on the left log, you may hit Start
    1. it will show a progress bar for flashing TWRP
  10. ATTENTION! Now it will Reboot, quickly enter Recovery mode (Vol.Up+Home+Pwr)
    1. this is done because it will wipe your TWRP, and this means you’ve wasted 10minutes (or more) to install TWRP for nothing
  11. And the job is DONE, you’ve successfully flashed TWRP.

Now, after successfully installing TWRP, do a complete backup of your official ROM.

In case you forgot to do this, drop a comment below and I’ll upload my Official ROM backups so you could place them in your external_sd card and restore Android.


This guide is a compilation of the following tutorials:

How To’s:


  1. sebbi
    June 13, 2017 at 22:10

    uhm…ubuntulinux.wordpress.com, but you make a tut for WINDOWS users? r u kidding? 😦

    • June 13, 2017 at 22:42

      Sorry but not even by this moment, tools for flashing Android do not exist on Linux (I’m speaking of those stable enough to perform such operation), but if you know any, please by my guest and list them here, I’m sure that I’m not the only one curious to try them 🙂

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