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Connecting Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones to Bluetooth on ArchLinux


Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless

I’ve been struggling with this one for 3 months and finally got the time to fix this mothafucka’.

gnome 3.24.1
gdm 3.24.2-1
linux 4.11.3-1

# bluetooth
bluez 5.45-1
bluez-libs 5.45-1
bluez-utils 5.45-1

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Node.js app with Docker on Alpine base image

When Alpine Linux first appeared, I had to give it a go, so I downloaded the first Official Alpine linux docker image and tried it. Conclusion: it was complicated.

Complicated because by then I didn’t know the importance of Docker base image size. So, in order to fight with my greatest fear: the great Alpine Linux image, I decided a few days ago to create a Slack bot having Alpine Linux 3.3 as base image. You can check the progress on my GitHub repo

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ChatOps – a new concept

Until this day, I’ve heard of DevOps, got to know almost everything about it, got a little into its history with a colleague from work, and found out that the concept exists since the ’90s but the term wasn’t quite fixed yet. It was just a concept that not everyone knew exactly what is with it, so basically each person had its own view about this DevOps thingy…

But this post is not about DevOps, I mean it is, kind of… it’s more about ChatOps.

Just today I found a YouTube vid with Jesse Newland that speaks about this concept during his work at GitHub. Clearly, the discussion is focused on Hubot and how it shows Build information or Show notifications in Campfire regarding Deploymentautomate graphing, provisioning etc…

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Sublime Text 2 Compile and Run Java Code

Sublime Text 2 Compile and Run Java Code | Ryan Burch Portfolio

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Setting up SASS/SCSS Support in Netbeans

Great tutorial 🙂

Slew Systems


What this post will go over is how to set up SASS/SCSS support in Netbeans. In this example I am running Mac OSX but the steps should be similar for Windows or Linux (other than file locations).

What You’ll Need:

  1. Netbeans 7.4
  2. Ruby (this comes with Mac OSX)
  3. Ruby Gems
  4. Sass Gem

Let’s Get Started!

Installing Ruby and the SASS gem:

  1. If you have not already please install Ruby Gems. If you are using Windows or Linux you will need to install Ruby first. If you are running Windows I suggest you use RubyInstaller!
  2. After you install Ruby you’ll need to install the SASS gem. To do this, open up Terminal or if on Windows launch “Command prompt with Ruby” which is installed with RubyInstaller.
  3. Type in “gem install sass -V” The -V flag will allow you to see what it is installing in case it hangs…

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▶ Sublime Text 2 Code Snippets – YouTube

▶ Sublime Text 2 Code Snippets – YouTube

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If you use Wire…

If you use Wireless on your laptop at home, XAMPP may get in conflict with your internet access !

Just discovered a new thing regarding XAMPP on Windows 7… I had this problem for 3 days and today I managed to figure it out lol…(took me a while).

The problem was that XAMPP’s Ports were conflicting with Wireless Ports, and whenever I was trying to connect to Wireless it was giving the “Connection couldn’t be established – Troubleshoot” error.


Just go in your XAMPP Control Panel -> Config -> Service and Port settings

And switch those ports, but be careful what numbers you put, don’t place at port 80, 838123… put 85 for example… and so on…

After you do this, restart your PC. Your internet access won’t be affected by XAMPP anymore now…

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