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Setting your workpath (alias) on LAMPP


Hosting files outside the htdocs directory

The document root (web root) directory is located at /opt/lampp/htdocs/. All files placed in this directory will be processed by the web server.

To host other files on your system with XAMPP, you can configure an alias with apache.

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A new tool to store your passwords safely

I’ve recently discovered a new and great tool to store your passwords safely.

The best Password keeper

Yep! You got it, it’s the KeePassX . For those who use Ubuntu, you can find it in the Ubuntu Software Center.

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Working with XAMPP on Mint ‘Olivia’

In the last 4 days I’ve been working with XAMPP (or LAMPP as they call it on Linux), an Apache web server with MySql, PHP and Perl.

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