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Mint 15 KDE – one repo is dead

If you’re trying to access System Updates and it gives you errors like

Failed to fetch http:/ Packages 404 Not Found

Or even if your trying to get a software or tool that you might need in the Software Manager and right after you type the sudo password, the ‘damn thing’ won’t even open…

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Leaving Mate for KDE

Today’s the day I remove Linux Mint 15 Mate from my PC to re-install the L. M. 15 KDE version.

I’ve got a few good reasons for that, firstly, L.M. 15 Mate isn’t that flexible on the theme side, you can only play with the colors a little, and after you do’it you realise it looks like crap.

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Linux Terminal Commands & Shortcuts

Linux Terminal Command Reference

Credits to Alexio from mint comunity.

System Info

date – Show the current date and time
cal – Show this month’s calendar
uptime – Show current uptime
w – Display who is online

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Installed wine

More info on how to do this you can find hereInstalled wine

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Switched OS – Goodbye Mint15, Hello Mint KDE 15!

I was a little bored of Linux Mint 15 (the simple one)…ok to be honest I was a bit “mad” (lol) cause the system didn’t crash for any reason, it was so stable that I was actually trying to install a few themes in order to make it crash.. BUT still the damn thing wouldn’t give me a dump error lol.

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