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Hotkey for Sublime text 2+


Sublime text hotkey

If your a programmer and you like to use Sublime text to edit your code in UBUNTU, I got one for you.

In the Unity toolbar, go to System settings ➡ Keyboard ➡ Shortcuts

Now the box of shortcuts will appear. To make this in a clean way, go at the bottom element from the list, called Custom shortcuts.

Click on the + (plus) sign. Now type whatever you want in the name, I typed Sublime editor. And this is the important part. At command, type /opt/sublime_text/sublime_text. Read more…


To use Romanian Keyboard (diacritice)

Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T)

Write down:


Now simply go to Layouts, you will have it in USA (for example).

Click Add -> Romania -> Romania Standard (at variants).

Press SHIFT+CAPS LOCK (random) in a text box or word.

And voila!


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